V8723 Review


V8723V8723 Custom fit square fronted dress with pockets.

The envelope boldly bragged “I’m soooo very easy”…. cheap hussy.

I guess it would have been if I hadn’t made such a pigs ear of it.

I cut a cup size A bust and let out the waist a little from my standard 12 size. I seem to have been eating plenty of cake lately.


IMG00165-20120610-2242I picked a super slippy lining fabric and didn’t really think about making the adjustment to the top front until quite late. As previously mentioned the top front came up to my larynx! Eeek!


But I do like the general dress shape and the full skirt. And every girl loves a dress with pockets. I like how these are hidden between the lining and the shell fabric. So few patterns encourage you to line the skirt and this really helped with the full bell shape of the skirt.

Would I make it again? And what would I do differently?

IMAG1811I’d use a darker colour. I knew when I started light colours don’t suit me best but ignored the little voice because I loved the fabric. Don’t think I’d risk using a polyester as you need something quite sturdy to stop the top front sagging but a nice cotton sateen or maaaaaybe a lightweight wool?

I’d also lower my waist a smidge as it’s just a touch too high. Only like a cm or two though. And I’d try and perfect the zipper as it passes the waist by not gathering as closely at the centre back. I don’t mind too much if the mustard pops through a little to show off the zip but it’s not properly out of sight. I might even use a concealed/invisible zipper next time!

One Response to “V8723 Review”

  1. Rachel June 16, 2013 at 5:55 pm #

    I think its lovely on you, very 50’s and looks good with the ring you have on. I’ve found I can go back and fix zippers I have put in not so perfectly before as the stitching closer to the ‘coil’ hides the old stitch line! We met briefly at the B’ham meetup but first time I have seen your blog, so enjoying seeing what you have made!

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